About Us

We are different

In 1983, a small group of visionaries, together with prominent business leaders in architecture, real estate, construction and finance, decided to forge a new model for the commercial real estate industry. Where others saw bricks and mortar, we saw collaboration with clients and partners as the key to yielding value, creativity and practical innovation. Today, we rank among the top real estate development and construction management companies in the region. Our clients count on us to protect their interests, our partners rely on our honesty and integrity and our employees share in our success.

We understand real estate

What sets us apart? With more than 200 years of combined construction management experience among our senior staff, we understand the big picture and infinite details that result in successful projects. We have cultivated one of the most experienced development and construction management teams in the region and have assembled the most comprehensive range of services, from overseeing land planning and design to financing — all under one roof. Our in-house capabilities, knowledge and experience give our clients a real strategic advantage and comfort level.

We know markets

Creating long-term value for our clients requires a command of the market that can only come from years of experience as a pioneer in real estate development in Central Ohio. We evaluate and research real estate trends and products to develop projects that not only benefit the end user but also add value to the market. We have a major presence in all of the suburbs in Central Ohio and are now working with our partners on the revitalization of downtown Columbus with significant downtown development. We have been instrumental in bringing major corporate headquarters to Central Ohio enhancing both job growth and the market.